I’m glad you’re here

It means you’re exploring ways to improve your relationship. You’ve probably taken the most difficult step of all – seeking support about a relationship, or a personal and private area of your life that doesn’t meet your needs. This is often a difficult step and one that takes courage.

I believe in three things:

• Every relationship problem can be a vehicle for growth that can bring out the best in each partner and at the same time create deeper intimacy.

• Lasting relationships requires an intentional effort and a commitment by both partners.

• Every human being is an individual with unique personal needs and circumstances so my work is tailored to meet the needs of couples and individuals who use my services.

Supporting couples and individuals

I’m  extremely passionate about my work and it is my mission to support couples and individuals in cultivating a secure, healthy, loving and meaningful relationship by providing you with the knowledge and skills on how to express your needs, manage your conflict, increase intimacy, respect and affection in your relationship or sex life. 

I provide individual tailored sex addiction therapy where I aim to help individuals understand the underlying causes, provide therapeutic support and develop tools and techniques to prevent relapse, in order to help you move on with your life.

It’s my goal to offer my services to all individuals regardless of religion, race, class, culture, gender identity, relationship status, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

About me

I’m a specialist psychotherapist in psychosexual, relationship and sex addiction therapy. I have an MSc in Contemporary Psychosexual Therapy and I have years of experience in providing therapeutic support to couples and individuals in a safe, secure, and confidential space where I deal with sensitive issues discretely and respectfully.

I believe my clients have the ability and strength to work through their problems when provided with time and support. My commitment is to support you, motivate you and even challenge you as you work towards making the changes that will create a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Relationship Counselling

Close relationships are rewarding and when working well can leave us feeling secure, confident, loved and fulfilled, however, most of us experience some difficulty at some point on the relationship journey.  Years of ups and downs can take its toll on committed relationships and marriages which often leave you feeling frustrated and disconnected. I believe that your relationship can do better than just survive.  I believe it should thrive!

I understand how painful and confusing it can be to feel disconnected from your partner which is why I am passionate about helping couples to rebuild trust, connection and intimacy. I am honoured to have the privilege of being part of the wonderful change that can happen when couples decide to focus on their relationships.

Psychosexual Therapy

Sex therapy can help individuals and couples understand the cause of their sexual problems and explore relationship and intimacy difficulties.  Sex problems can cause a great amount of anxiety and distress especially since it is such a private and sensitive area to talk about that often impacts your confidence and self-esteem.

The support I provide, is tailored to meet the specific concerns of the individual or couple. 

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction, also know as sexual compulsion and sexual dependency, describes any sexual activity that feels “out of control”.

A sex addict feels compelled to seek out and engage in sexual behaviour and may spend an excessive amount of time planning, engaging in and recovering from their chosen sexual activity. And in spite of the problems it may cause to their relationships, family, social and work lives they feel unable to stop their behaviour.  Or at least, unable to stay stopped.

Sex Addiction - Support for Partners

Discovering your partner has a sex or porn addiction is devastating for partners. For some it comes as a complete shock, while for others it confirms the fears and suspicions they had for years.

But for all partners, the discovery of disclosure can leave you reeling from a roller coaster of turbulent thoughts and emotions such as shock, anger, despair, sadness, betrayal, shame, and helplessness.

It’s often hard to access appropriate support as high levels of shame and trauma can make it feel impossible to share what you are going through with family and friends.

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